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Google DUO

Google Duo

Aug 20
If you have looked at Apple’s Facetime as an app to desire then look no further. Google has recently announced (at Google I/O 2016) its equivalent to Facetime called Google Duo. Google Duo allows video calling and you do not require a Google account to use Duo plus it’s available for both Android and iPhone

Windows 10 – Major Update features and precautions

Nov 14
Windows has released a major update to it’s latest operating system Windows 10. Key features include; Activate Windows 10 with a Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 product key Coloured Tile Bars Start Menu to recommend Apps Windows 10 update now includes a “Find My Device” option The browser ‘Edge’ has been updated and many more…click

Google Nexus 7 – I just got one!

Jul 24
Just got my Google Nexus 7 (16GB) by special delivery. Great looking device, set it up to charge and on switching it on it welcomed me by my name as my google apps account was already associated with this device. Had to enter my google apps password to get all my e-mail, contacts and calendar

Google Operating System

Sep 13
What does one look for in an operating system? Well, in my case I would like one that loads fast, has some cool application pre-installed and costs nothing. Dream on! I think not. Google is coming close to fulfilling my wish. The new browser ‘CHROME’ has been designed to work each web site or web