SEO & Online Marketing

Online Marketing is a general term used for promoting your business on-line. These include SEO, Newsletters, Social Media and Pay per Click to name a few. Our consultant will determine the best route for marketing your business on-line and will guide you through it. Contact us for a no-obligation analysis of your current on-line marketing strategy.

E-mail and Cloud Solutions

With the increasing number of remote workers wanting to access their e-mails and documents on various devices, managing a traditionally hosted mail-server has become a tedious task for the IT departments and also cost in-effective. Cloud solutions like Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps for Business help cater to the demands of remote workers without the need for additional IT overhead.

Domain Registration & Hosting

A domain name is the essence of your on-line identity. It is the address your customers use to find information about your products and services on the web. Domain names makes it easier for your clients to remember you. We will work with you to obtain an appropriate Domain Name. In some cases the domain name is for sale by a third-party and we can help you acquire the same. In case you already have a domain name we can host it for you on either a Linux or Windows server.

Web & Mobile Development

Our web and mobile development processes is designed to meet the high demand of web applications and mobile technologies. Stay competitive with cross-platform HTML5 apps developed for the iOS, Android or Windows platforms.