Google DUO

Google Duo

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If you have looked at Apple’s Facetime as an app to desire then look no further. Google has recently announced (at Google I/O 2016) its equivalent to Facetime called Google Duo.

Google Duo allows video calling and you do not require a Google account to use Duo plus it’s available for both Android and iPhone devices.

Once Duo is installed it’s asks for your mobile number similar to What’s App. A verification code is sent to your mobile which when entered activates Duo. You are now ready to use it.

The user interface is simple. There is a ‘Video Call’ button, on pressing this a list of your contacts show up. Contacts that have Duo installed will show right on the top while the other contacts without Duo will have an ‘invite’ link next to them. On pressing this a text invite is sent to your contact. Once they install and activate Duo you are ready to video chat with them.

The video quality is quite good. Tap on the screen while you are connected to your contact and you can change the camera (front or back) being used. Duo works on your WiFi connect as well as your mobile connection. By default the mobile data usage is limited but this can be changed by going to settings.

Overall it’s a pretty good app specially for Android mobile users as now they can video chat just like iPhone users. Oh and yes Duo is a free app.

To know more about Google Duo or see a video please Google Duo.